Titan Capital Group Holding

Titan Capital Group Holdings

Titan Capital Group Holdings Company Limited is a Holding Company. It is a business company. In terms of investment, it was established on February 1, 2022, legally registered with a registered capital of 900 million baht, fully paid. Focus on long-term investment in various types of businesses. Be a part of holding a business with a solid foundation, co-managing it and creating opportunities for development. Participating companies invest in sustainable growth. We are a group of experienced Angel Investors. and expertise in technology, finance, and investing in the global market Focus on investing in business and various assets that generate good returns with potential both domestically and abroad.

Titan Capital Group Holding has invested in companies with potential, including Just Car Co., Ltd., Just Lone Co., Ltd., Mining Pro Co., Ltd., Neramitnan Film Co., Ltd., Richis Co., Ltd., Wongpanit Recycling Co., Ltd. Rayong Company Limited

You can come talk to us to Scale up business at 02-050-7999 or support@titangroup.co.th

Nature of business

Titan Capital Group Holding engages in long-term investments in a wide range of businesses. Taking over management of a listed company to be part of the holding Business with a solid foundation Participate in management and create opportunities for developing the companies in which we invest to grow sustainably.

Message from the board of directors

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

The economic environment in 2022 is still slowing down from various factors, including global geopolitics, oil prices, inflation, and the spread of Covid-19, including Digital Disruption, resulting in organizations Facing huge changes from such challenges, the company is therefore committed to devoting all its energies and resources to building a strong business foundation to cope with all the changes in the world. Ready to set a direction to continue growth. By creating innovative investments and seeking potential business partners both domestically and abroad. To create stability and create good returns on a regular basis

The company would like to thank all shareholders and partners who have always trusted and supported the company's business operations. We would also like to thank the management team and all employees for their dedication in performing their duties for the company. to the fullest extent of one's ability

Please be assured that Titan Capital Group Holding continues to maintain its management policy. Taking into account honesty and good governance. To create value and drive the company's business towards success and sustainable growth according to its vision.

We position Titan as an “Angel Investor”.

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Tantai Narongkoon

Chief Executive Officer